Street E.T.

Class Description: Street E.T. is open to street legal bikes only. The class is run in a E.T. bracket racing format and is a great entry level class.

Designation: The class designation is S/ET. All entrants must display this designation on both sides of their motorcycle by their bike number.

Format: This is an 1/8 mile E.T. bracket class run on a .500 full tree. This is an all run field. All bikes must be 12.99 & quicker.

Points: This class will be a points class at all SDBA events (see points system for more details)

GENERAL: A rider may only run one bike in this class, and that bike may only be entered one time in this class.

CHANGING BIKES: A racer can change his or her bike in time runs, qualifying, or before 1st round (You must notify the tower of changes). The bike and rider that runs first round is the one that must be used for eliminations, even if the class is completed on another weekend due to weather. 

BRAKES: Front brakes are mandatory and must be in safe operating condition.

ELECTRICAL: 2-steps (factory ECU manipulation included), delay boxes and electronic throttle stops are prohibited. Delay boxes and electronic throttle stops are not permitted on the motorcycle; they must be disconnected and removed. 

LIGHTS: All motorcycles must have a functional OEM headlight or aftermarket headlight. All motorcycles must have a functional OEM tail light or aftermarket tail light.

CLUTCH: Slider clutches prohibited. Clutch engagement and disengagement must be controlled by conventional cable or hydraulic-actuated clutch lever. With the engine off and the bike in gear, the clutch must have sufficient engagement force to prevent the bike from being rolled without either sliding the rear tire or rotating the engine. With the brakes locked or the bike otherwise blocked from rolling, the clutch system must have sufficient engagement force at idle to kill the engine if the clutch lever is released. Idle may be set between 1500-2000rpm for this test. The use of ECU mapping or electrical system functions to simulate the positive results of this test is not allowed, engine kill must be as a direct result of clutch engagement drag.

TIRES: DOT street tires only are permitted. All tires must have visible tread. DOT slicks are not permitted.

WHEELIE BARS: Wheelie bars are prohibited.

GROUND CLEARANCE: The motorcycle must have a minimum of 2” ground clearance with rider sitting on the bike. Bikes equipped with a billet flat oil pan (not cast) are exempt from the 2" ground clearance check.

GENERAL SAFETY: All riders must have a SNELL 05 or higher full face helmet, shoes above the ankle, leather gloves, and a protective jacket. Any rider running faster than 6.0 must also have leather pants. Pants and jacket are not required to be zipped together. No ballast may be mounted to any portion of the front suspension, brake system, fender system, or rotating assembly.