Super Comp

Super Comp is open to all drag bikes and street bikes. This class is designed for drag bikes and street bikes that want to run on a 5.60 index. 

DESIGNATION: The class designation is SC. All entrants must display a bike number on both sides of their motorcycle. 

FORMAT: This is an 5.60 Index class run on a .400 pro tree. This class is an all-run field. The #1 Qualifier will get the bye run in 1st round if there are an odd number of bikes. Pairings for all racers will be done in the tower by the computer system and placed on a pro ladder. See ladders section of rules for a complete list of ladders. 

POINTS: This class will be a points class at all SDBA events. 

GENERAL: A rider may only run one bike in this class. The same bike cannot be entered twice in this class by the same rider or another rider. 

CHANGING BIKES: A racer can change his or her bike in time runs, qualifying, or before 1st round (You must notify the tower of changes). The bike and rider that runs first round is the one that must be used for eliminations, even if the class is completed on another weekend due to weather. 

BRAKES: Front brakes are required. 

CHAIN GUARDS: Chain guards are required on all entries. 

ELECTRICAL: 2-steps, delay boxes and electronic throttle stops are permitted. 

TIRES: DOT tires or any size slick is permitted. 

WHEELIE BARS: Wheelie bars are permitted. 

GENERAL SAFETY: All riders must have a SNELL 05 or higher full face helmet, shoes above the ankle, leather gloves, and a leather jacket. Any rider running faster than 6.0 must also have leather pants. Pants and jacket are not required to be zipped together. Nylon or textile jackets and pants are not permitted, even if they have pads. All jackets and pants must be made of 100% leather. No ballast may be mounted to any portion of the front suspension, brake system, fender system or rotating assembly.